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Taglogic RFID is a pioneer in introducing RFID systems to the Middle East and North Africa region. The firm was launched in 2004 and has since displayed professional and technical expertise through its comprehensive portfolio of industry services and high level of client satisfaction.
RFID Readers
An RFID interrogator is an electronic device that generates and receives an interrogation signal (radio signal). These signals are received by an antenna attached to the interrogator. Interrogators can have various capabilities:

- Reading and writing data to tags
- Operating on either single or multiple frequencies
- Performing anti-collision processing that permits the simultaneous reading of large numbers of tagged objects, while ensuring that each tag is read only once.
- Reading bar code or other Automatic Data Collection (ADC)
- Fitting with an additional interface that converts the radio waves returned from the RFID tag into a form that can then be passed on to a computer.

RFID Interrogator Components and their Function
  • A receiver that hold an amplifier and a demodulator
  • A transmitter that holds a modulator and a power amplifier
  • An oscillator
  • A controller/ processor
  • An input/output port to an antenna

  • Receiving:

    - The amplifier expands the signal received from the tag
    - The demodulator extracts the information from the signal
    - The controller/ processor performs the data processing functions and manages with the external network

  • Transmitting:

    - The oscillator provides the carrier signal to the modulator and a reference signal to the demodulator circuits.
    - The modulator adds information to the signal to the transmitted to a tag
    - The power amplifier amplifies the modulated signal and routes it to the antenna.
    - The antenna radiates the signal to a tag

Types of RFID Interrogators

1. Fixed Interrogators:
- Can read tags as well as write to tags
- Can be mounted to walls, doors...
- Can be integrated with stationary devices
- Need an external power source
- Can accommodate many antennas
- Can be hard-wired or wirelessly connected to the LAN

2. Hand-held Interrogators
- Smaller than fixed interrogators, have the shape of a gun
- Same capabilities to fixed interrogators
- Can be used to read and write to tags
- Have an antenna built into the unit
- Can be used in low volume applications
- Can have both barcode and RFID functionality

3. Mobile Interrogators:
- Can have PCMIA cards to connect to laptop
- Differ from hand-held in size
- Usually powered from their own power source
- Wireless connectivity

a. Mobile phones or PDAs:
- Small in size

b. Vehicle mounted interrogators:
- Mounted on forklifts or clamp trucks
- Built to withstand environmental extremes
- Placed for a minimal contact with material being handled

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