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RFID and DoD/UID Compliance
This course is essential for anyone who wants to learn more about the RFID policies and mandates U.S. Department of Defense posed on its suppliers. This course explains what UID is, how it is created and which items must be marked with UID.

It also discusses the RFID mandate and explains which units need RFID tag, what type of identification should be encoded into this tag and how to submit the information through the Wide Area Work Flow.
Various compliance options are presented as well as demos of popular compliance software on the market. This course also includes exercises that teach how to correctly encode a DoD construct as well as create a compliant RFID label.

RFID and UID DoD Compliance course covers:

  • DoD's RFID Policy
  • UID
  • Wide Area Work Flow
  • Tag Data
  • Compliance Options
  • Compliance Software
  • Quiz

  • Languages: English

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